Sir Roger Moore accepts libel payout over Daily Mail claims he 'groped' actress

Actor Sir Roger Moore Credit: DAN HIMBRECHTS/AAP/

Sir Roger Moore has accepted undisclosed libel damages over false claims that he groped an actress during the filming of For Your Eyes Only.

The 87-year-old Bond star had been fighting claims made in the Daily Mail and Mail Online that he had "groped" and made advances towards Debbie Newsome during the filming of For Your Eyes Only in 1981.

Moore's solicitor, Amy Bradbury, told Judge Patrick Moloney that the false allegations were without foundation and had caused serious harm to Sir Roger, who received an apology, damages and his legal costs.

Ms Bradbury said "It was... wrongly claimed, amongst other things, that he had given Ms Newsome a gold bracelet covered in diamonds together with a bottle of expensive champagne and an inappropriate note, and this happened during a party at which his then wife was present."

She added that the article was removed from Mail Online following a complaint by Sir Roger's solicitors.

Martin Wood, solicitor for Associated Newspapers, said it acknowledged that the claims made against Sir Roger in the magazine were untrue and it was happy to undertake not to repeat them.

"The defendant apologises for any distress and embarrassment caused to Sir Roger and his family."