Evander Holyfield to face off with ex-Presidential candidate Mitt Romney for charity boxing match

Romney and Holyfield ahead of Friday night's fight. Credit: Reuters

Former US Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is to face former heavyweight champion boxer Evander Holyfield in a bout for charity.

The pair faced off at a weigh-in ahead of the fight, with the former Republican candidate - who was runner-up to Barack Obama in 2012 - weighing in at 179 pounds, compared to Holyfield's 236.

It will be held in Salt Lake City tonight in aid of CharityVision, which fights blindness in some of the world's poorest nations.

Romney, 68, released a light-hearted video to promote the fight, joking: "You have heard my critics say that I'm out of touch, that I'm stiff, that I just don't relate to people.

"For years I've been listening to garbage like that, and I've decided to fight back.

"How do you do that? By taking on the former heavyweight champion of the world."

"It's true, I don't have much of a right hook, but when I get somebody's ear I can be pretty formidable," Romney added - poking fun at the infamous ear-biting incident in his opponent's 1997 title fight with Mike Tyson.

Holyfield, 52, seemed unimpressed by the politician's barbs.

Does he even work out?

Evander Holyfield on Mitt Romney