Prime Minister David Cameron to renew 'seven day NHS' promise

The Prime Minister is expected to use his first major speech since the sweeping Conservative victory at the General Election to renew his vow to boost NHS funding and create a "seven day" service.

Speaking at a GP surgery in the West Midlands, David Cameron will again commit to increasing budgets by at least £8 billion a year by 2020.

Describing the health service as the embodiment of "One Nation" politics, he will reassure the public that it is "safe in our hands".

Prime Minister David Cameron sits with patients and mums at a hospital visit in 2013. Credit: PA

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The Tory campaign made clear that the party supported a plan put together by NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens to fill a funding gap estimated at £30 billion a year by 2020.

The scheme would see £22 billion covered through efficiencies, with the remainder coming from government coffers.

In his speech, Mr Cameron is to say the proposals will "transform" services across the country, with more GPs, faster access to new drugs and treatments and a greater focus on mental health and healthy living.

He will say it is "shocking" that death rates for patients admitted to hospital on a Sunday are up to 16% higher than on a Wednesday.

Mr Cameron is expected to deny that staff will have to work longer hours - arguing that instead there needs to be a more flexible approach to work patterns so doctors and nurses are available at the right times.

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