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Survivor 'woke terrified' after killer nurse poisoned her

Kathleen and Mike Murray. Credit: GMB

One of the patients poisoned by Victorino Chua has told Good Morning Britain about the fear she felt when she woke up sweating and shaking because of the poison Chua had put in her drip.

Kathleen Murray, 53, a civil servant from Stockport, had returned from a holiday in Greece suffering dizziness and a suspected ear infection. She was admitted to Stepping Hill Hospital on 7th July and expected to go home the following day.

After being given a saline bag, she woke up unwell and sweating heavily - suffering a hypoglycaemic episode.

Kathleen told GMB:

Victorino Chua came over to nurse me that night. He was very very quiet, there was nothing that would give you any fear although there was nothing that would give you any calm because he didn't speak to me. He just did what he had to do in a very clinical sort of way.

He frightened me after because it's only now that I've seen him in court and heard all the stories that make me think: Why didn't he kill me that night?

– Kathleen Murray

Kathleen's husband Mike described how he had left her in what he thought was the best place for her but she begged to come home.

Although Kathleen says she feels relieved now Chua has been caught and convicted over her poisoning but says that questions remain over Chua's qualifications and checks that were made before he was allowed to work at the hospital.

If they had a proper vetting procedure maybe none of this would have ever happened.

– Kathleen Murray

Victorino Chua is facing life in jail when he is sentenced today for poisoning and murdering patients.

Filipino Chua, 49, described as a narcissistic psychopath by detectives, was convicted of murdering two patients and poisoning 19 others with insulin by a jury at Manchester Crown Court yesterday following a three month trial.

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