Husband reveals 'negligent' care in wife's final weeks before losing fight with brain tumour

Wendy Buckle was 54 when she died Credit: Peter Buckle

A man who lost his wife of 31 years just six months after she was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour has hit out at the "negligent" end-of-life care she was given.

Mother-of-two Wendy Buckle was 54 when she died, ending a short but difficult battle with the disease which left her paralysed and speechless, suffering with diabetes, pneumonia and painful bed sores as a result of chemotherapy.

Her husband, Peter, told ITV News he was given little to no assistance from medical professionals in how to care for his dying wife after she was discharged to her home in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

Out-of-hours GPs and district nurses would often turn up late, if at all, he said; and sometimes that meant she was left without the vital medication she needed.

It comes as a health watchdog warned that too many patients are 'dying without dignity'.

Peter Buckle said he believes some of the care his wife was given was 'negligent' Credit: ITV News
Mr Buckle says he feels 'some anger' at the way his wife was treated Credit: ITV News

Wendy died in January 2011, and while Mr Buckle praised some of the care she received, including from the staff at Warwick Hospital and the Marie Curie, as "excellent"; he said some of the care provided elsewhere amounted to "negligence".