Music streaming app Spotify unveils major new update

Music streaming service Spotify is expanding its app to include video and non-music content, as well as a new music format for runners.

In a major new upate, the app will feature news and entertainment clips from a range of partners including, NBC, Vice News, GQ and Vogue, as well as longer shows and a range of podcasts that will be recommended to users on their way to work.

The company said that new playlist categories themed around activities such as singing in the shower and exercising will be recommended first thing in the morning.

Music will now start playing the moment a user swipes onto a playlist, without the need to press 'play'.

Speaking on stage at a press conference in New York, founder Daniel Ek said:

Spotify has more than 60 million regular users across 58 countries. It says about 20% pay for its premium ad-free subscription services.

Other new features include Spotify Running, which will allow fitness enthusiasts to get playlists and music choices tuned to the pace of their running, using a new type of audio format that will allow song's tempo to be changed to match a runner's footsteps.

The new features will roll out first across the US, UK, Germany and Sweden from today.

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