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Photos of couple manhandling beached dolphin 'which later died' cause outrage

Photographs of a couple 'manhandling' a beached dolphin which is said to have later died have caused outrage after appearing on the internet.

Credit: Facebook

The man and woman, who are thought to be from Lima, Peru, are pictured picking the helpless dolphin up.

And at one point the woman straddles the animal and pretends to ride it.

Credit: Facebook

The images were posted on Facebook a year ago but went viral after a Reddit user uploaded them again recently.

It was captioned with: “Guy and Girl find dolphin on shore, they decide to take silly pictures with it instead of letting it back into ocean. Dolphin dies shortly after.”

It is unknown if the dolphin did actually die following the incident.

A Peta spokeswoman said: "These callous and frankly idiotic individuals need to be found and prosecuted for cruelty to animals.

"Dolphins are highly intelligent, sensitive, and self-aware animals, and it is never acceptable to treat them as mere play things.

"They live in tight family units with bonds that may last a lifetime, and these tourists’ actions may have caused the dolphin’s death, likely leaving a grieving family behind."