Grandmother who became online hit when grandson started balancing things on her head goes viral...again

By Jamie Roberton: ITV News

A grandmother who became an online hit when her grandson started posting pictures of her balancing household items on her head has gone viral - again.

Jamie Nokes, 20, from Manchester, started the Twitter account, "Things On My Nan", two years ago.

The electrician, who is currently living in Ibiza, attracted 38,000 followers by sharing pictures of his 73-year-old nan Jean Nokes with random objects - such as a hoover, microwave and toaster - on her head.

"I don't really know what made me start the account - I think it was just a spur of the moment thing," he told ITV News.

"I thought it was funny and then it just took off on Twitter and went viral, it gained over 10,000 followers in two days.

"The reaction was crazy, I had every newspaper in the UK ringing me for interviews and even had a live interview on one of Australia's biggest radio shows."

His nan even started to get stopped in her local supermarket and on the street for pictures.

"It was then she started to realise how much of a internet celebrity she is."

But Ms Nokes eventually refused to do anymore pictures.

"She said it had run its course and I'd had my fun - she was being quite stubborn."

They believed their online fame had ended - but a bizarre development last month has put Jamie and his Nan back in the spotlight.

A so-called parody account called "Things On My Grandma" has been created by someone who is simply reposting Jamie's old photos of his nan.

BuzzFeed reported that the person responsible is a student from North Carolina who wants to create parody accounts.

"Things On My Grandma" already has 20,000 more followers than Jamie's original account, with each tweet gaining thousands of shares.

"I am quite annoyed with this to be honest," Mr Nokes admits.

"I am finding it a bit strange that someone would want to put my grandma on their Twitter page. In the future I am going to put my Twitter name on the pictures so this doesn't happen again."

So can his fans expect a comeback from "Things On My Nan"?

"We have had a few conversations and there maybe a comeback in the pipeline."