Seagull 'photobombs' photo of Red Arrows display team

The picture captured by Jade Coxon Credit: SWNS/Jade Coxon

A student has said she couldn't believe her luck after taking a photograph that appeared to show a seagull flying in formation alongside the Red Arrows display team.

Photography student Jade Coxon, 18, took the photo at the Llandudno Air Show on Saturday.

The image shows eight of the Red Arrows in tight formation but in the place of the ninth aircraft is the seagull. The bird even appears to have his own vapour trail.

The Chester University student, from Llandudno, said: "It was mainly luck but I was really happy with it. I saw the seagull fly in the way of the picture before I took it.

"It is completely covering the plane so you can't see it and the airtrail is behind the seagull

"I was there to take pictures of the air show, I was taking pictures of the planes and the seagulls as well and then both things joined together.

"People have seen it from across the world, people have seen it in Australia and New Zealand."

Professor Neil Grant, from the University of Chester, said: “We are all very proud of Jade and her fantastic photograph which has been seen all around the world.

"The interest and reaction to the photograph is an excellent confidence boost to Jade who is a first year student on our very successful Photography degree programme. We hope she will go onto pursue a successful photography career once she completes her studies here and this is a great way to start.”