The show must go on: Enrique Iglesias continues to sing after cutting hand on drone

Enrique Iglesias Credit: Francis Ramsden via AP

Enrique Iglesias is recovering after an incident on stage left him bleeding heavily.

The singer is well known for grabbing drones as they fly over the stage taking pictures, but this time he got caught on a blade, leaving him with a nasty cut to his hand.

However the mishap did little though to stop the 40-year old heartthrob from giving it all on the stage. He returned just ten minutes later to the stage after being bandaged up.

Using his own blood, he even proceeded to finger paint a heart onto his white t-shirt.

Fans saluted his decision to continue the show.

In total, he carried on for 30 minutes after the injury, a decision that went against medical advice he was given. Once he did wrap things up, Iglesias was flown to Los Angeles to get checked out. He is not scheduled to reappear on the stage until July, and there is no word yet on whether he will have to postpone.