A toddler has been taken from his parents and will be put up for adoption due to the level of cigarette smoke in the home.

The two-year-old boy was surrounded by a "visible cloud of smoke" a health visitor said adding that he had difficulty breathing.

Health visitor Julie Allen told a family court judge that she had not come across such a "smoky house" in her 10-year career.

Judge Louise Pemberton, who was also told of a number of other concerns about the way the youngster was being cared for, concluded that he should be placed for adoption.

Detail of the case has emerged in a written ruling by the judge following a family court hearing in Hull.

The family cannot be identified.

On entering the living room Ms Allen described being able to see a visible cloud of smoke surrounding the father and (the boy).

Judge Pemberton
Toddler placed for adoption due to 'smoky home' Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

The little boy had breathing problems and needed an inhaler and health and social services staff had also raised other concerns about the boy's care.

The judge was told that the boy's father had mental health problems, that there had been a "decline" in his parents' "engagement with agencies", that the boy's home was "dirty, smelly and unhygienic".

She also heard that "potential drug paraphernalia" had been spotted at the boy's home and she said the boy's father had tested positive for cocaine.

The judge concluded there was "no choice" but to place the boy up for adoption.