Video: Arrested ex-Fifa vice president Jack Warner duped by satirical article

Warner was fooled by a satirical article by the Onion.

Former Fifa vice president Jack Warner has used a satirical article published by the Onion to defend himself against allegations of corruption.

Warner was one of the men arrested by Swiss officials at the request of US authorities last week, and left police custody two days later on bail.

Holding up a copy of the satirical article, which claims America are frantically arranging a 2015 summer World Cup, Warner said:

"If Fifa is so bad, why is it the USA wants to keep the Fifa World Cup?"

Accused of accepting $10 million in bribes from the South African government to host the 2010 World Cup, Warner is facing extradition to the USA.

Last week, he claimed the US authorities had indicted him on corruption charges despite never asking him a question. "It just can't make sense", the 72 year-old argued.