Charles Kennedy: A life in pictures

Credit: Reuters

When elected to the House of Commons in 1983 aged just 23, Charles Kennedy became the country's youngest MP, since when he has led a life very firmly in the public eye.

Sept 1999: Paddy Ashdown and Charles Kennedy prior to Ashdown's farewell speech as leader at the Liberal Democrat party conference in Harrogate. Credit: PA
Sept 1999: Charles Kennedy after making his debut keynote address as leader at the party conference in Harrogate Credit: Reuters
March 2000: Charles Kennedy meets Dundee-based publishers DC Thompson & Co cartoon character Dennis the Menace, as part of a children's cancer campaign. Credit: PA
Sept 2000: Young Liberal Democrat delegate Ruth Polling holds a pair of Charles Kennedy knickers on the last day of the party's annual conference in Bournemouth Credit: PA
May 2001: Charles Kennedy on the campaign trail during his first General Election as leader of the Liberal Democrats. Credit: PA
July 2002: Sarah Gurling and Charles Kennedy at their wedding. Credit: PA
Sept 2003: Charles Kennedy welcomes the Lib Dems' newest MP, Sarah Teather, who inflicted Labour's first loss of a Commons seat in a by-election for 15 years. Credit: PA
May 2005: Charles Kennedy in high spirits as he introduced newly elected Liberal Democrat MPs after the 2005 General Election Credit: Reuters
June 2005: Charles Kennedy speaks during the first PMQs after the General Election when the Lib Dems won 62 seats. Credit: PA
Sept 2005: Charles Kennedy after his speech to the party conference where he sought to end speculation over his leadership. In his speech he declared his determination to lead the party into the next general election. Credit: PA
January 2006: Charles Kennedy with his wife Sarah Gurling before Kennedy he announced his resignation as leader after admitting that he had received treatment for alcohol abuse. Credit: Reuters
January 2006: Kennedy announces his resignation as leader of the Liberal Democrats. Credit: Reuters
Dec 2007: Charles Kennedy and Paddy Ashdown congratulate Nick Clegg after he was elected leader of the Lib Dems Credit: PA
June 2006: Prince Charles on a visit to Argyll meets Charles Kennedy and his wife Sarah, holding their son, Donald Credit: PA
Apr 2008: Charles Kennedy following the ceremony installation him as the new Rector of Glasgow University. Credit: PA
Mar 2015: Charles Kennedy speaks at the Scottish Liberal Democrats Spring Conference in Aberdeen. Credit: PA