Welsh Assembly Member Jenny Rathbone has been heavily criticised for a message she posted on Twitter shortly after Charles Kennedy's death was announced.

While tributes poured in for Mr Kennedy from across the political spectrum Ms Rathbone described the death of Mr Kennedy as a "sad end to the demise of the Lib Dems".

The message sparked several angry comments from fellow site users - who accused Ms Rathbone of being heartless and making a cheap political point. Some also branded her remark as "disgusting", "insensitive" and "disappointing".

Ms Rathbone, who is Labour's AM for Cardiff Central, was urged to apologise for the 'insensitive' comments and subsequently deleted the offending tweet.

To try to make party political points out of the death of someone is crass. It is disappointing to see an Assembly Member behave in this way and it shows a complete lack of respect.

A Welsh Liberal Democrat spokesman

She later told her followers: "I deleted it (the Tweet) because it seemed to cause offence. None intended. Charles Kennedy a great politician who got it right on Iraq."

Ms Rathbone replaced her original tweet with this message: