Students mock their GCSE #Edexcelmaths exam on Twitter

Thousands of GCSE students took their Edexcel maths exam this morning and it seems to have been a bit of a challenge for many of them.

The hashtag#Edexcelmaths has been a top trending item across the UK as students took to Twitter to express their frustration and to mock the examination body.

Generally, it appears most people found the first half of the test was relatively straight forward but the final section proved to be slightly more difficult.

One question - about Hannah and some sweets - drew a lot of criticism.

Karl and his medicore attempt at collecting money for charity attracted some wry comparisons too.

But many other mathematically challenged students simply cursed their luck and unpreparedness.

The miffed students will now have to wait until 20th August to see just how well - or badly - they did.

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