Quiz: Could you pass GCSE Maths?

Many students complained of the difficulty of questions on the EdExcel exam. Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

After students across the UK complained on Twitter of the toughness of their recent Maths GCSE exam, many questioned whether they could answer the questions themselves.

Here are a selection of questions from an equivalent test - the June 2014 EdExcel non-calculator exam for higher tier students.

In the real thing, students are not given multiple choice options and must show their workings.

The threshold for each grade was as follows:

  • A*: 82% +

  • A: 66.5%

  • B: 47.5%

  • C: 28.5%

  • D: 14%

  • E: 6.5%

  • U: 0 - 6.5%

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