Student changes name by deed poll to avoid £220 Ryanair fee

An enterprising student saved £117 by getting a new passport and changing his name by deed poll instead of changing the details on his Ryanair ticket.

Adam Armstrong, 19, took the somewhat roundabout route when he was faced with a £220 admin fee to get the budget airline to change the name on his ticket.

He changed his name by deed poll for free, then rushed through a new passport costing £103.

Ryanair wanted £220 to alter the ticket to Ibiza - twice the cost of the flight.

The stepdad of Adam's girlfriend India Lomas, 17, had booked under the wrong name after copying the student's Facebook page.

Speaking to The Sun, Adam said:

The 'original' Adam West in his role as Batman. Credit: ABC Televison

The real Adam West is originally from Washington and played The Caped Crusader/Bruce Wayne in the original 1960s Batman series and has a regular role as an animated version of his self on cult cartoon show Family Guy.

Adam West/Armstrong in our story is from Manchester and was merely hoping to entertain Facebook friends with his moniker malarkey.

He will travel to the White Isle with his girlfriend next week as planned.

A Ryanair jet lands in Manchester. Credit: Reuters

Ryanair say that name-changing fees are high to prevent people from selling-on tickets for a profit.

A spokesman for Ryanair said: