Packing into old taxis, rescued migrants now head for Italy, France and the UK

An old taxi was willing to transport the migrants to Rome Credit: ITV News

More than 100,000 migrants have arrived on Europe's shores so far this year - including the 1,100 rescued over the weekend - but their journey will not stop there.

Many of those rescued will now claim asylum, but some have already begun their journey across the continent, headed for northern Italy, France and England.

ITV News correspondent Carl Dinnen met one of the men making that journey.

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Hamad Said, a 26-year-old migrant from Sudan, was among those rescued by the Royal Navy's HMS Bulwark on Sunday.

He, along with 377 others, were trapped on a drifting boat in the Mediterranean before being taken aboard and transported to Sicily.

The Italian authorities then bussed them to migrant reception centres in the Sicilian countryside - but while many will stay put and apply for asylum, others are determined to find their new life sooner.

The men packed themselves into the crowded car Credit: ITV News
1,100 people were rescued at the weekend Credit: ITV News

Hamad joined a group of others keen to leave the centre and move on.They managed to catch an old taxi willing to take him to Rome, squeezing into the boot of the vehicle with a number of others.

From there, he said, he intended to go to France, and then to England - either by lorry or by plane.

He is sure, he said, that he will find someone willing to tell him how to get there.