Police investigate after woman wakes up to find 107 gnomes in front garden

A woman woke up to find more than 100 gnomes carefully arranged in her front garden.

Marcela Telehanicova was pulling her curtains when she was confronted by 107 gnomes in a formation on her front path at her home in Ivybridge, Devon in the early hours of June 2.

"Ok, who the f*** has put 100 gnomes outside my front door?!?!" the 30-year-old posted on her Facebook page after the discovery.

Police are now investigating the incident amid concerns the gnomes were stolen.

Ms Telehanicova was stunned to find the gnomes in the early hours of June 2. Credit: SWNS
A close-up of one of the gnomes. Credit: SWNS

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said no gnomes had been reported missing from local garden centres and urged residents to check their properties to see whether any gnomes had disappeared.

Ms Telehanicova is quoted by the Plymouth Herald as saying: "I was in hysterics, I found it really funny.

“It’s the best, most bizarre thing that has ever happened to me."

A police spokesperson said officers were investigating whether someone was "playing a game of gnomes".