Bilderberg Meetings 2015: Who's on the guestlist?

Henry Kissinger, left, Michael O'Leary, centre, and Ed Balls, right, will be in attendance. Credit: Reuters

The exclusive and controversial - Bilderberg Meetings - an annual gathering of world leaders, business heads and influential thinkers - will take place in the small town in Telfs-Buchen in Austria from 11-14 June, amid its traditional secrecy and conspiracy theories.

The conference - which has taken place since 1954 - will this year see 132 of the world's elite come together to discuss an agenda including issues such as the Greek debt crisis, US elections and terrorism.

Also on the broad agenda is the United Kingdom. However, in keeping with the high levels of secrecy around the meetings, no more specific information is available on what will be talked about.

So who made it on to the guestlist this year?

George Osborne

George Osborne will be the UK government's sole representative. Credit: Reuters

The newly re-elected Chancellor is the UK's highest-ranking representative at the meeting this year.

In previous years, David Cameron (2013), Prnce Charles (1986) and Prince Phillip (1965 and 1967) have been in attendance.

Henry Kissinger

Kissinger was US secretary of state in the Nixon and Ford administrations. Credit: Reuters

Henry Kissinger, former US secretary of state and national security adviser, is something of a regular fixture at the Bilderberg Meetings, having attended his first in 1957.

Eric E. Schmidt

Eric E Schmidt has attended on four previous occasions since 2008. Credit: Reuters

Google boss Eric E. Schmidt is another regular attendee in recent years, and is one of three representatives from the tech company, with artificial intelligence among the topics up for discussion on the agenda.

Michael O'Leary

This will be Michael O'Leary's first year at the Bilderberg Meetings. Credit: Reuters

Controversial Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary, with his preponderance for outspoken comments, is likely to bring a bit of vibrancy to proceedings. This will be his first year in attendance.

Ed Balls

Ed Balls received an invite despite losing his seat last month.

Ed Balls, the former shadow chancellor, is again on the invite list this year despite losing his job as an MP in last month's General Election.

He attracted media attention during last year's meeting after a video showed him being turned away despite claiming his name was on the attendees list.

  • The best of the rest

Ex-CIA chief David Petraeus, pictured with former lover Paula Broadwell. Credit: Reuters/ISAF/Handout

Among other recognisable names on the list are controversial former French Prime Minister Alain Juppe, who was convicted in 2004 for illegal use of public money.

Also due to attend are security figures such as new NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg, General John Allen - US special envoy to the coalition against Islamic State - and David Petraeus, the former CIA director who was subsequently found to have leaked information to his mistress while in office.

The only royal to take part will be Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, whose father Prince Bernhard was a co-founder of the meetings in 1954.

She is joined by just 23 other women, including BBC Trust chair Rona Fairhead and Zanny Minton Beddoes, editor of the Economist.

The business world is, however, well represented. Among the bigger names attending are Robert Zoellick, chair of the Goldman Sachs board of international advisers; Ana Botin, chair of banking group Santander; and Shell CEO Ben van Beurden.

  • Those that didn't make the list

Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, will not be present. Credit: Reuters

Among the surprise omissions from the Bilderberg guestlist is International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde.

Peter Mandelson,Labour peer and former Business Secretary, was a has also been a common presence at the meetings in recent years, but will not be attending, according to the final list.

Aside from the Dutch and Belgian Prime Ministers, national leaders are largely absent this year, despite previous appearances from David Cameron and Angela Merkel.

The full list of attendees is available from the Bilderberg website.