#distractinglysexy female scientists take to Twitter in protest at sexism in science

#distractinglysexy Credit: Twitter

Covered in protective clothing, operating high-powered equipment and often arm-deep in unsavoury materials, hundreds of female scientists have flooded social media with pictures of themselves at work.

The images - posted under the hastag #distractinglysexy - come after sexist comments made by former Nobel Prize winner Tim Hunt at the World Conference of Science Journalists.

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According to those at the conference, Hunt told the audience that he had "trouble with girls" in science.

Let me tell you about my trouble with girls.

Tim Hunt's alleged comments

He later fanned the flames by claiming his comments were intended to be humorous, adding: "I certainly didn't mean [to cause offence]. I just meant to be honest, actually."

The comments sparked a backlash, with many branding him a "misogynist".He has now resigned from his role as honorary professor with the UCL Faculty of Life Sciences, and the Royal Society has distanced itself from the comments.

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But the online campaign has continued, with women in the industry mocking the idea it is impossible to work side by side in a lab without "falling in love" or crying.

One user, @PointMutation, wrote: "I fell in love with the microcentrifuge... typical woman in the lab", alongside a tongue-in-cheek image of her hugging the machine.

@SarahMDurant added a picture of her in the field, saying: "Nothing like a sample tube full of cheetah poop to make you #distractinglysexy".

And @GemClucas posted: "Me looking #distractinglysexy during fieldwork. The dry suit helps with all the tears."