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Video shows elephants 'dance' as they enjoy classical music concert

Coordinated. The elephants appear to sway together in time to the music. Credit: Pairi Daiza

A zoo in Belgium has released a video which seems to show their elephants swaying in time to classical music.

Pairi Daiza was preparing for a series of nights were live music would be played around the park and decided to make sure the elephants would not be worried by the new noises.

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Far from being worried the animals seemed to listen carefully to the music before starting to sway their trunks and their whole bodies in unison and in time with the music.

All she needs now is a lighter to wave. Credit: Pairi Daiza

The video posted to the zoo's Facebook page a few days ago has already been viewed more than 190,000 times.

Nico Vanhee, a spokesperson for the zoo, told BuzzFeed News that a handful of artists came to see how different animals would react to music.

However while the elephants appear to be classical fans not all of the animals were quite so impressed. “The lions didn’t appreciate it,” Vanhee said, and “one monkey climbed on the instruments to stop the musician playing”.