Husband's worry over family 'missing in Syria'

The estranged husband of one of the women who are thought to be heading to Syria with their children instead of going on a holy pilgrimage has told ITV News he worries for his missing family.

Sayeed Zubair Ahmad said he worried for their welfare because of the situation in the war-torn state of Syria.

Three sisters are feared to have taken their nine children -aged between three and 15 - to Syria after going missing following a trip to Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with ITV News in Pakistan, Mr Ahmad said that he is "worrying a lot about his wife and his cousins" who disappeared.

A smiling picture of some of the family at the airport has emerged. Credit: Channel Four News

Mr Ahmad also says that he would put himself into danger to find his wife and their children, even if that meant going to Syria.

When asked about his wife's brother, who is believed to be fighting for the so-called Islamic State in the region, Ahmad said he was a "nice person" and that he was "very happy with his wife and kids".

There are fears the family are heading to join extremists in Syria. Credit: Reuters

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Meanwhile, the missing Bradford 12 are all 'doing okay', according to one of the sisters who has made contact with family members back home.

It is thought at least one of the 12 is now in Syria but it remains unclear where the others are at this moment.

Home Secretary Theresa May has urged Brits not to travel to fight in Iraq or Syria with militants.

Opening a counter-terrorism conference in London, she said: "In the past week we have heard separate and equally shocking media reports about dangerous radicalisation.

"Some of these cases have not been confirmed. But while I cannot comment in detail I do want to say this to the parents, siblings, faith leaders and community groups whose loved ones may be at risk: I want to work with you to stop this from happening."

What we know about the 'Syria-bound' family of 12 from Bradford?