Suspect shot Charleston victims multiple times with illegally obtained weapon

It has now been revealed that Dylann Roof used a single weapon - not given to him by his father on his 21st birthday as we'd previously thought - but purchased by himself illegally in April and that he shot each of hisnine victims multiple times.

Another tragic aspect to this: According to the narrative that Roof gave to investigators, when he arrived at the church on Wednesday night he was recieved with such warmth and love and affection that he almost decided to abort the attack because, as he put it to detectives: "they seemed too nice to kill."

On the broader front, I've spoken today to a lot of state and local politicians and they are saying that there is no movement for gun control in the region, that there's no need for policy change because - in their words - Roof is an outlier; he's a lone wolf.

Therefore they believe there is no need for fundamental change or even introspection - It's fair to say that that is a somewhat complacent analysis that may certainly upset the African American community.

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