Zookeepers recreate Jurassic World raptor scene - with their own wild animals

Alpacas: Somewhat less fearsome than raptors Credit: Twitter

It's already an iconic scene from a massively popular movie - so it's only right that the bit where Chris Pratt's character in Jurassic World tames a pack of velociraptors should have spawned an homage.

Zookeepers and farmers from across the world are uploading pictures of themselves with their animal charges, showing off their own take on the memorable taming scene.

Under the hashtags #jurassiczoo and #jurassiczookeeper, thousands of animal handlers have been strutting their stuff, though not all of the beasts they're taming are as terrifying as velociraptors. However, from walruses and alpacas to rhinos and quokkas (adorable marsupials from Australia), they're all very cute...