Norway women footballers in 'we suck' spoof

Caution: Video contains some strong language

The England women's football team have been deep in preparation mode ahead of tonight's World Cup knock-out game against Norway - but it appears their opponents have taken a slightly different approach, declaring instead that they "suck at football".

The Norwegian team released a spoof documentary online in which players can be seen making statements like "we suck, plain and simple" while taking part in mock interviews with national news agency NRK Sport.

In one scene one of the team's forwards Emilie Haavi said: "Suddenly I forget myself and... "Oh c***. Handball."

Ingrid Hjelmseth Credit: NRK Sport/YouTube

This is followed up by goalkeeper Ingrid Hjelmseth's declaration that "the ball is so slippery, it's hopeless" and "goalkicks are a nightmare for me".

Other comments made by the Norweigan players include "the goal is just way too big" and "if I run first and then receive the ball...That's offside, isn't it?".

Tonight's knock-out game will determine whether England or Norway progress to the quarter-finals and will kick-off at 10pm.