Stowaway cat survives light aircraft flight

Credit: Romain Jantot/YouTube

A light aircraft pilot got a shock when he realised he was carrying an extra passenger into the skies.

Video posted by Romain Jantot shows him taking off from a flight school near Kourou in French Guiana, South America, with a female companion.

The two-seater light aircraft then begins its climb into the sky.

The pair can be seen to be admiring the view, oblivious to the black and white cat that can be seen climbing above them on the wing minutes later.

The pilot and his companion are oblivious to their extra passenger Credit: Romain Jantot/YouTube

The pilot looks shocked when he notices the animal clinging onto the plane and can be heard to slow down the aircraft.

Watch the full video:

The shocked pilot notices the stowaway Credit: Romain Jantot/YouTube

Mr Jantot then begins to descend and safely lands on the tarmac, where the cat jumps down seemingly unharmed by his flight.

The pilot posted the video on YouTube saying that his experience showed the importance of, "checking the wings before each flight".

Writing on his YouTube page, Mr Jantot said: "A standard flight until... I still don't know if it got in after the pre-flight check or if I missed it."

He adds: "FYI the cat is fine."

The cat is safely rescued from the plane on landing Credit: Romain Jantot/YouTube