The good, the bad and the ugly of football mascots

Patrick Thistle are hoping this will attract children in. Credit: PA

After Partick Thistle unveiled their rather weird 'Kingsley' mascot, we take a look at some of the weird and wonderful entertainers of the past.

Everton have a mascot that is an elephant, due to their Chang beer sponsorship and the two words almost rhyme.

Southend United don't have a great history of mascots. They currently have a dolphin (it's actually an eel) that looks like Elvis.

Elvis J Eel has not left the building. Credit: PA

Which replaced this...

Sammy the shrimp was odd. Credit: PA

Burton Albion's Billy Brewer looks like he's had a pint or two.

Billy Brewer is off to League One. Credit: PA

Rochdale is of the home of the fictional creature, which might explain Desmond the Dragon.

Desmond the Dragon offers out a treat to a young fan. Credit: PA

Bayern Munich went all out with this effort, but you won't like to carry that on top of your shoulders.

Lothar Matthaus wasn't worried. Credit: PA

There can never be a winner when a Lion and a Swan fight, but these two tried.

Millwall's Zampa the Lion tries to pull Cyril the Swan's head off. Credit: PA

The Metropolitan Police mascot looks like he may have let a criminal slip through the net.

The poor policeman was not happy at this FA Cup loss. Credit: PA

West Ham's Herbie the Hammer is well known on the circuit for his square head.

Herbie the Hammer can't be used as a tool Credit: PA

Bradford City ran out of ideas at one point and just gave a man a hat.

Bradford City has the City gent. Credit: Pa
But he was let go after losing weight. Credit: PA

The people of Hartlepool once hung a monkey as they thought he was a French spy. On the upside he did mean the birth of H'Angus the Monkey who went on to be mayor.

H'Angus the Monkey wasn't a spy. Credit: PA

World Cups are now well-known for expensive marketing campaigns and well-designed mascots, but in 1986 Mexico just did some racial stereotyping.

Mexico love sombreros and moustaches. Credit: PA

Birmingham City tried to be clever, but inadvertently created a blueberry with some words on.

Birmingham had a blue nose, a blue nose!! Credit: PA

But without mascots we wouldn't be able to see a man in a pig costume fight a man dressed as a wolf.