Will the Greek PM stay firm or surrender in the bailout deal?

Greece faces a 'hard deadline' on Monday Credit: Reuters

Another tense day in Athens, but the waiting won't go on for much longer. There is a hard deadline on Monday, at which point Greece either repays the IMF or goes into default and effective bankruptcy.

If there is no deal, all the bailout funds that have been discussed will expire. The game of chicken going on this week between Brussels and Athens had to come to an end or it would end up in a total crash.

It does seem that the Greeks have blinked first, but it's not at all clear that's going to be enough. They may be asked to give even more yet and that is going to be a problem for Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras back with the people in Athens.

Europe Editor James Mates reports from Athens:

The pro-euro demonstrators I was talking to at the rally this evening were largely middle class and have done very well out of the euro and have a lot still to lose.

But there are a lot of people in Greece who have already lost everything in the course of this five-year long depression and frankly they would rather go down fighting than agree to anything that looks like a surrender.

If it does appear that Mr Tsipiras has surrendered, then selling it to his own people - and his own party - may be quite a challenge.

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