Video captures moment dozens of migrants attempt to board lorry amid Calais chaos

Footage shows the moment dozens of migrants attempted to board a lorry in Calais.

A strike by French ferry workers has caused large tailbacks on roads either side of the Channel, prompting large numbers of migrants to try and take advantage of the situation.

Aerial footage from the main road heading of Calais towards the Eurotunnel, shows migrants jumping on a moving lorry before another person runs to slam the vehicle's doors shut.

The van's driver later pulls over and removes the migrants from the back of the vehicle, leaving them by the side of the busy road.

Calais has become the focus of attention recently as migrant numbers close to the port have increased to more than 3,000 since April.

Earlier, the British Government warned drivers in Calais to be extra vigilant during the disruption.

Dozens of migrants can be seen running towards the lorry.
One manages to jump on board.
Another man runs to shut the vehicle's doors.