Brave pet cat stands up to mountain lion

The cats square up to each other through the window Credit: Tom Mabe/YouTube

A man captured the moment a pet cat came face to face with a mountain lion - and brazenly stood up to the wild animal.

Tom Mabe, from Louisville, Kentucky, was visiting friends outside Boulder in Colorado when he filmed the encounter.

The footage, which has been viewed nearly two million times on Mabe's YouTube page, shows his friend's cat peering out of a window while the mountain lion paws at the glass and roars.

Mabe, a comedian, can be heard joking in the background with his wife that their kids are playing outside.

She can be heard to ask panicked: "Tommy are you kidding me?"

Minutes later he laughs and reassures her: "They're still in bed."

"That is not funny", she replies.

Undeterred the long-haired pet cat stands its ground and the wild cat eventually gets bored and can be seen to tread away.

Watch the full video below: