'That's my father?': Queen unconvinced by Germany's portrait

The Queen examines the portrait of her younger self with her father that was painted by Germany's Federal President Joachim Gauck Credit: PA

It can be awkward accepting a portrait as a gift - especially if it's given to you by your host.

Queen Elizabeth took that dilemma in her stride today on a state visit to Germany, when she was presented with a painting of herself and her late father by the country's Federal President Joachim Gauck.

During the customary gift exchange at the official's Berlin residence, Bellevue Palace, the Queen was a stylised take of her sat on a blue coloured pony being pulled by her father.

Mr Guack explained that the portrait, by artist Nicole Leidenfrost, depicted the Queen as a young Princess Elizabeth on a family outing.

After declaring, "it's a strange colour for a horse," the 89-year-old studied the artwork for a while before waving a gloved finger up and down in front of it and asking, "And that's supposed to be my father is it?"

"Didn't you recognise him,?" her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh asked.

"No, not quite," she replied.

Watch the awkward exchange: