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Twerking, photobomb, jeggings and 'meh' added to Oxford English Dictionary

Do you fire up the e-cigarette if you're feeling a bit meh?

Or maybe - fuelled by FOMO - you leave the twitterati, throw on some jeggings or a skort and twerk on the dancefloor?

These are just some of the 500 new words added to the official Oxford English Dictionary.

500 new words have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary Credit: PA

For a word to qualify for a spot in the Oxford English Dictionary, it has to have been in popular use for at least 10 years in both novels and newspapers.

And, perhaps surprisingly, 'twerk' is the oldest of the new additions. Researchers found that the word - then spelled 'twirk - was first used as a noun in 1820, describing a "twisting or jerking movement" or "twitch".

The verb followed in 1848, and by 1901 the current spelling was in popular use.

Miley Cyrus brought twerking to the public attention Credit: PA

Twerking - made popular by pop star Miley Cyrus - is defined in the dictionary as dancing "in a sexually provocative manner, using thrusting movements of the bottom and hips while in a low, squatting stance".

The dance style was born in the early 1990s New Orleans "bounce" music scene - but the team believes the origins are the same.

We are confident that it is the same origins as the dance. There has been constant use up into the present day to mean that same thing.

I think it's quite spectacular, the early origins for it. We were quite surprised.

– Fiona McPherson, senior dictionary editor

She said the new entries - which include photobomb, jeggings and crowdfund - had all "earned their place" in the history of the English language.

Benedict Cumberbatch famously photobombed U2 on the Oscars red carpet last year Credit: Reuters

Here are some of the new words:

  • Auto-tune: Device or software used to correct a singer if they hit a bum note
  • Crowdfund: To actively source money for a project from a large numbers of people, who may only contribute small amounts each
  • E-cigarette: A battery-powered cigarette-shaped smoking device containing nicotine
  • Ecotown: New-build towns designed to have minimal impact on the environment
  • Fo' shizzle: 'For sure'
  • FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out
  • Handsy: A person who cannot resist touching others
  • Hard arse: A person known for insisting on a rigorous set of standards
  • Hyperlocal: Local to a very small area
  • Jeggings: Trousers with the stretch of leggings, but the appearance of jeans
  • Meh: Used to signal lack of enthusiasm, or a state of boredom. Popularised by The Simpsons in the 1990s
  • On-trend: Highly fashionable
  • Photobomb: To insert yourself into someone else's photo uninvited
  • Sh*tshow: An event or situation which is chaotic, controversial or which did not go to plan
  • Skort: Shorts with an extra flap of material to given them the appearance of a skirt from the front
  • Twitterati: People who are highly active on Twitter, and tweet regularly
  • Webisode: A short online video of a longer-running series
  • Yarn bomb: A form of street art where lamposts, benches, signs and other street ornaments are covered in knitted objects