Father of Tunisia beach gunman: 'I am so ashamed'

Seifeddine Rezgui opened fire on tourists at the beach resort of Sousse on Friday. Credit: ITV News

The father of the gunman involved in Tunisia's beach terror attack has exclusively told ITV News he is "so ashamed" by the actions of his son.

Thirty-eight people including at least 15 Britons were killed when Seifeddine Rezgui opened fire in the resort of Sousse on Friday.

Speaking to Middle East Correspondent Geraint Vincent shortly after being released by police, Hakim Rezgui said when he heard the news of what his son had done "I could not comprehend it".

"I am so shocked, I have no idea who influenced him, or who put these ideas in his head", he added.

Mr Rezgui said that he had not seen his 23-year-old son very often as he was always at with friends at university.

But he insisted he "was not a problem to anyone. He was a normal person".

"I don't know who has changed his mind, influenced him and who has warped his mind", he added.

Seifeddine's mother has also been questioned by police, her sister Zara, told ITV News: "He told us nothing of his secrets, God has cursed us".

His father also said: "My son lost his life and he has lost our lives too.

"He has lost his life, his studies, his future and he's ended our lives too."