The local man who risked his life to hide tourists during Tunisia attack

Sabhi called those he saved his friends. Credit: ITV News/ James Jordan/ Reuters

By James Jordan: ITV News Editor

I spent the afternoon with a very remarkable man - Mohamed Sabhi, a staff member at the Imperial Marhaba hotel.

He was working on the beach when Seifeddine Rezgui began his murderous rampage, but instead of running for cover, he shepherded dozens of terrified tourists, or as he called them, friends, into the safety of a hotel boiler room.

Today I became the first journalist to see where he barricaded up to 80 holidaymakers deep underneath the hotel in a dark, airless, concrete cellar.

The boiler room where the terrified tourists hid during the attack. Credit: ITV News

He described their terror as gunshots continued outside and people cowered, crammed into the swimming pool boiler room.

He barricaded the doors with his bare hands and says if Rezgui had discovered their hiding place, the number of dead would have been in triple figures.

Sabhi called those he saved his friends. Credit: Reuters

Sabhi, who has worked for the hotel for 17 years, remains modest about his actions but without him many more would have died.