Gallery: How Britain coped with the hottest July day ever recorded

'Splashing fun in the sun' Credit: Sammy Sam Hewer-hewitt

Paddling pools, ice creams and sun hats were among just some of the ways people coped with the hottest July day ever recorded today.

Dozens of ITV News viewers and readers have sent in their snaps of how they stayed cool in the baking heat.

In Heathrow, temperatures reached 36.7C (98.06) - beating the previous record for the month of 36.5C (97.7F), recorded in 2006.

Here are just some of your heatwave pictures:

'My Ollie in her pool' Credit: Sarah Boldan Smith
'Plenty of ice cream keeps her cool' Credit: Emma Masters
'Splashing fun in the sun' Credit: Lisa Watson Parkinson
'Water filled ball pit' Credit: Emily Wheatley
Credit: Samantha Cope
Credit: Emma Buckland
'Straight from school to the pool!' Credit: Gemma Illing
'One of my cats staying cool in this heat. Definitely far too hot for poor animals today' Credit: Kelly Blissett
'Enjoying Southsea splash park' Credit: Aimie Williams
'Guess who's having a bath?' Credit: Gracinda Mariana