Labour try to wrong-foot Cameron over Heathrow plans

In the long running political manoeuvres which have dogged the expansion of Heathrow for many years, there has, this lunchtime, been a very important development.

Moments after the UK Airports Commission recommended a third runway at Heathrow, Tory MPs Boris Johnson and Zac Goldsmith started jumping up and down warning David Cameron not to give it a green light.

They - and others in the Conservative Party - present Mr Cameron with a huge political headache.

Zac Goldsmith warned he would resign from the party if the third runway went ahead.

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But should the Prime Minister want to grant Heathrow permission to expand, he will have support from the opposition benches.

Labour's Acting Leader Harriet Harman just told MPs that her party will support a 'quick' decision on Heathrow in the interests of the UK economy.

It suggests a majority of MPs in the Commons will be on the side of Heathrow's expansion.

The Airports Commission has spent a couple of years and £20 million looking into the problem of airport capacity.

And while Labour already seems to back the findings, Mr Cameron will only commit to a decision on the third runway by the end of the year.

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