The husband and wife doctor team who helped save the lives of Britons in Tunisia

Husband and wife doctors who helped save the lives of Brits in Tunisia. Credit: ITV News

The victims of the Sousse attack were robbed of their lives and their dignity, by one Tunisian terrorist, but stories have continued to emerge of the heroism and compassion of other Tunisians who tried to help.

ITV News Correspondent Geraint Vincent met a husband and wife, both doctors, who risked their own lives to treat those who had been hit by the the bullets.

Dr Majdi Omri and Dr Hajer Kraiem Omri were part of the emergency team which left the hospital and ran to the beach while the shooting was still going on.

Their team had no idea what they were running into or how safe they themselves would be.

Chris Dyer and Gina Van Dort.

One of those that was being helped by Hajer was Gina Van Dort who was lying in the hotel gardens still clinging to the body of her dead husband Chris Dyer.

Gina refused to leave her husband, despite suffering from five gunshot wounds herself. Hajer says that to save her life they had to force Gina to let go of Chris.