The family of England Women's World Cup star Katie Chapman have said it would be "a dream come true" for her to lift the trophy.

The Chapmans - dad Mark and sons Harvey, Riley and Zachary - can't afford to be in the stand for the historic semi-final against Japan, so they will be cheering her on from back home.

Son Riley said he was "really proud" of his mum - and that "my head will go through the roof" should England win the World Cup.

Harvey, Mark and Katie's eldest, added it would be "very great" if England lift the trophy, adding: "She has always wanted to, and she used to dream about winning the World Cup, so it would be exciting for her."

Chapman, 33, is one of only two mums in the England squad and husband Mark said she had sacrificed "a hell of a lot" to achieve her dream of playing at the World Cup.

Katie is one of only two mums in the England squad Credit: Vaughn Ridley/EMPICS Sport

The World Cup had caught the imagination of the public, Mark said.

He added: "For women's football, it's immense.

"Women's sport is on the rise and it's very good ... it's going to do great things for that."