Britain and France pledge to work together to stop migrant 'madness' at Calais

Migrants try to sneak onto lorries delayed by the strikes Credit: ITV News

Leaders in both France and Britain have today pledged to work together and increase funds to try to stop migrants smuggling themselves across the Channel.

Home Secretary Theresa May and her French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve vowed to plough more into the joint intervention fund - though exactly how much has not yet been revealed.

Video report by ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers:

ITV News footage from the port at Calais shows dozens of people - some as young as five - still trying to break into or jump aboard lorries in a bid to sneak into England, as drivers were delayed thanks to another strike by French ferry workers.

The ongoing strike is estimated to be costing the UK economy more than £250 million a day, with thousands of truckers stranded on both sides of the crossing.

There are currently around 3,000 migrants estimated to be in Calais - and many have been taking advantage of the situation as they try to make their way to Britain.

Thousands of lorries were stranded on both sides of the Channel Credit: ITV News

A joint statement from Ms May and Mr Cazeneuvre promised to extend a scheme which last year saw the UK agree to pay 5m euros (£3.6m) into the fund for three years.

Increasing the intervention fund... will enable the installation of additional essential arrangements to prevent access to the port via the beach, but also to secure access to the Channel Tunnel, where incidents have taken place repeatedly over the past weeks.

Theresa May and Bernard Cazeneuve

The statement also emphasised the importance of resuming ferry and Channel Tunnel services, which they said was "indispensable" to the economy on both sides of the water.

Ferry operator P&O has now resumed full service, but called on authorities in Britain and France to act to prevent a repeat of the "madness" at the port.