UK garages 'charge women £45 more for car repairs'

A study claims woman pay on average £45 more than men for car repairs Credit: PA Wire

Women pay more on average for the same garage repairs than men, a new study claims.

Research by ClickMechanic, an online marketplace for car repairs, claims women in Britain are charged an average £45 more than men for repairs.

It examined independent car garages across the UK and found a standard repair costing a man £571 will typically cost a woman £616 - an increase of eight per cent.

Male and female mystery shoppers requested quotes to replace the clutch of a 2011 Ford Focus from 182 garages across ten UK cities as part of the investigation.

It found that eight out of the ten cities charged women a ‘female premium’ and only 6% of the surveyed garages gave a consistent quote to both male and female customers.

Birmingham repair garages charged the highest female premium - with women charged £582 in comparison to £445 for a man.

Only two out of the ten surveyed cities bucked the trend and charged men more for a repair, with Sheffield and Edinburgh garages quoting males 5% and 19% more than females respectively.