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Budget 2015: Social care cuts could leave the most vulnerable to cope alone

Luke Davey. Credit: ITV News

As the Chancellor plans which welfare cuts to make next week, some of the most vulnerable face stark choices to survive.

ITV News Health Editor Rachel Younger reports:

Jasmine Davey has spent a lifetime looking after he son since a hospital's mistakes, when he was a baby, left him requiring 24 hour care.

She is now in her 70s and recovering from cancer and has been told by local authorities that his care is to be cut by eight hours - leaving him alone at night.

Jasmine says this is dangerous.

If he vomits, or if he's got a bad cough he can choke. He can't actually move, or help himself, or get to anything to call for any help.

– Jasmine
Luke and Jasmine. Credit: ITV News

Luke is worried about what life would be like without round the clock care, and without carers who have looked after him for years.

I would just stop eating, I wouldn't want to be here anymore basically.

– Luke Davey

Jasmine says she and her husband would have to step in, but worry if they could cope: "We'd have to do it, but I would be exhausted I think. Physically neither of us are that able to do all the hoisting and everything."

Luke is adamant that his parents cannot care for him, saying: "It would kill them both."