If Greece can't get its banks open the road to the drachma is wide open

If Greece can't open its banks - road to drachma is open. Credit: PA

Prime minister Tspiras has just been on TV saying he wants negotiations to resume immediately and a lot of talking will be done.

The French and the German leaders meet tomorrow, trying to agree common ground and all the leaders of the euro zone will meet on Tuesday - the problem is where do you find anything substantive to talk about?

One of the most moderate Germans today said that effectively the Greeks have burnt their bridges. He couldn't see how you could make any more concessions.

The impact here in Athens is that the far left government of Mr Tspiras is now in undisputed control

All those leaders who argued for accommodation with Europe have been humiliated and the former Prime Minister Mr Samaras leader of the conservatives here has tonight resigned.

But the key thing for the Greek government is can they get the banks open?

Already deposits are frozen, people have been told they can't take money or jewellery out of their safe deposit boxes, worries here about seizing of savings as happened in Cyprus two years ago.

If they can't get the banks open the road to the drachma is wide open.