SNP calls on Cameron to 'think again' on plan to give English MPs a veto over legislation affecting only England

SNP MP Pete Wishart. Credit: PA

The Scottish National Party has called on the Prime Minister to "think again" on proposals to give English MPs a veto over legislation which affects only England.

SNP MP Pete Wishart has written to the David Cameron saying plans outlined in the House of Commons on Thursday are "nothing less than a constitutional outrage".

But Scottish Secretary David Mundell insisted they were "sensible and pragmatic steps" which he said "do nothing" to limit the rights of Scottish MPs to represent their constituents.

It comes after the SNP, Labour and the Liberal Democrats earlier joined forces to condemn proposals from the UK Government to bring in "English votes for English laws" (Evel).

The row erupted after Commons leader Chris Grayling announced a new stage is to be introduced for laws passing through Parliament when English, or English and Welsh, MPs will be asked to accept or veto legislation only affecting their constituents before it has its final reading in the Commons.

The changes, which the UK Government is seeking to bring in using parliamentary standing orders, have to be approved in a Commons vote on July 15.

Following the move, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon branded the measure a "constitutional shambles" which is "staggering in the extent of its hypocrisy and incoherence".

Mr Mundell, the only Tory MP in Scotland, has since written to the SNP leader saying Scottish MPs will "still be able to vote on every Bill which passes through the House of Commons".

However, Mr Wishart, writing to the Prime Minister, argued the measures "undermined constitutional integrity and the future of the Union".