Greece debt crisis: Greeks divided after resounding win for 'No' vote

Greeks have voted overwhelmingly to reject the terms of an international bailout, leaving the country divided and putting it on the brink of a eurozone exit.

Thousands of people celebrated in the streets of Athens after the result showing 61.3% had voted "No" was confirmed.

Alexis Tsipras, the country's prime minister and leader of the governing Syriza party, said voters had made a "very brave choice" in a televised address.

'No' supporters wave Greek flags by the parliament in Athens. Credit: Reuters
The 'No' vote sparked wild celebrations in the Greek capital. Credit: Reuters
The 'No' campaign secured an overwhelming victory in the bailout referendum. Credit: Reuters

Despite the jubilant scenes in Athens, there were also minor clashes between riot police and protesters.

Officers were seen detaining a number of young men as petrol bombs were flung towards them.

The Greek security forces have reportedly drawn up plans for possible civil unrest with banks rapidly running out of cash.

Masked youth walk along a street during minor clashes. Credit: Reuters
Riot police were needed in Athens last night. Credit: Reuters
A masked youth is detained after violent clashes. Credit: Reuters

Long queues formed outside banks this morning as pensioners attempted to withdraw cash.

Scuffles broke out near a bank in Athens as people tried to enter the branch to access their pensions.

Pensioners wait in line in front of the main entrance of a National Bank branch Credit: Reuters
A pensioner argues with an official as they scuffle to enter. Credit: Reuters
Pensioners are given priority tickets as they wait to receive part of their pensions. Credit: Reuters