7/7 bombings timeline: The day as it happened

The bomb-devastated Aldgate train carriage Credit: Jeff Moore/Empics

The morning of 7 July 2005 was meant to be a happy one for London. The day before, there were celebrations as the city was named the host of the 2012 Olympic Games.

But the mood in the capital changed just before 9am that morning, when four young suicide bombers attacked the public transport network, killing 52 passengers and injuring hundreds more.

This is what happened that day.

04:00 Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, Shehzad Tanweer, 22, and Hasib Hussain, 18, leave their rented flat in Leeds and drive to Luton.

05:05 Jermaine Lindsay, 19, the fourth bomber, arrives at Luton station, and sleeps in his car until his accomplices arrive.

06:51 The four men are reunited in the car park of Luton station, and are seen taking rucksacks from the boots of their cars, each containing between two-to-five kilograms of explosives.

07:23 The four are seen among commuters catching the Bedford to Brighton train that stops at King's Cross. They are described as smiling and looking relaxed. The train, delayed, leaves at 07:40.

08:23 The train arrives at King's Cross and the bombers disembark. they are seen hugging, and then split up. Khan goes to board a westbound Circle Line train, Tanweer an eastbound Circle Line train and Lindsay a southbound Piccadilly Line train. Hussain also walks towards the Piccadilly Line entrance.

08:50 Tanweer detonates his bomb between Liverpool Street and Aldgate, killing seven people and injuring 171. Khan is seen fiddling with his backpack before it goes off near Edgware Road, killing six and injuring 163.Lindsay is on a particularly packed service between King's Cross and Russell Square, and kills 26 passengers, with more than 340 more injured.

08:55 Hussain walks out of King's Cross station. and tries to contact his friends via mobile phone. He then buys a 9-volt battery from WH Smith before heading across Euston Road to McDonald's.

Meanwhile, the first British Transport Police arrive at Aldgate and Russell Square.

Survivors at Edgware Road Credit: Edmond Terakopian / PA Archive

09:12 Emergency services begin to arrive at all three scenes. At the same time, London Underground issues an amber alert, instructing all other tube trains to stop at the nearest safe, available platform.

09:29 The Met Police announce a major incident in London, but say it is too early to know what has happened. Until now, the official explanation has been power surges on the network.

09:47 Hussain has now found a seat on the upper deck of a number 30 bus, which is crowded and on diversion due to the tube chaos. His bomb explodes in Tavistock Square, killing 13 and injuring 110. It is thought that Hussain was either unable to board at King's Cross, or that his original detonator had failed.

The blast occurred very close to the headquarters of the British Medical Association, and senior doctors attending a conference were rapidly on hand to provide first aid. One of them, Dr Peter Holden, was one of the few people in the country trained as a major incident commander, and his presence undoubtedly saved many lives.

The aftermath of the Tavistock Square bomb Credit: Dylan Martinez / PA Archive

10:21 Scotland Yard confirms that there have been "multiple explosions" in London. Soon after, BTP confirms the bus bombing.

10:55 Home Secretary Charles Clarke says the "dreadful incidents" have caused "terrible injuries". He confirms that London public transport has been suspended. Motorists are advised to steer clear of Zone 1.

11:15 Sir Ian Blair, the head of the Met Police, speaks of a "confusing situation" at a press conference, where he talks of "about six explosions".

Flowers build at Kings Cross Station Credit: Andrew Parsons / PA Archive

11:25 The first reports of deaths emerge, with two confirmed casualties.

12:05 Tony Blair emerges from a G8 summit in Scotland to tell the country that "it is reasonably clear there have been a series of terrorist attacks in London".

12:55 Clarke tells Parliament that there have been four explosions, but that the perpetrators are unknown. Meanwhile, claims that Al Qaeda is behind the attacks emerge on the internet.

15:25 Death toll updated to 33, with reports of many serious injuries and lost limbs.

16:35 The Queen asks for the Union Jack to be flown at half-mast as a mark of respect for the dead.

The Union Jack flies at half-mast Credit: Edmond Terakopian / PA Archive

17:32 Tony Blair, now in London, and fresh from an emergency COBRA meeting, condemns the "slaughter of innocent people" and promises the "most intense police and Security Service action to make sure we bring those responsible to justice".

19:39 Foreign Secretary Jack Straw claims the attacks bear the hallmarks of Al Qaeda.

22:19 Hasib Hussain's family reports their son missing to the emergency casualty bureau.

23:40 Police reveal that they have found identification belonging to Siddique Khan and Tanweer, as well as phones and other personal items.