Patent filed for fold-down, backward-facing airline seats

Some of the seats face backwards Credit: Zodiac Seats

A new breed of airline seats designed to squeeze in even more passengers with hexagon-shaped seats - some of which would face backwards - has been designed by a US firm.

Zodiac Seats has filed a patent for its 'Economy Class Cabin Hexagon' design, which it says will give people more shoulder and elbow room and "increase cabin density".

Half of the fold-down seats would face forwards, and between a third and a half would face backwards, putting people face-to-face with their fellow passengers.

The fold-down seats would bring some passengers face-to-face Credit: Zodiac Seats
The patent shows the design of the seats Credit: Espace/Zodiac Seats

Zodiac claims the design would give each passenger four more inches of leg room and increase space between passengers by 15 per cent.

They are designed primarily for smaller, single-aisle planes which are largely used for short-haul flights.