US Coast Guard rescues man and his dog after days stranded at sea

The US Coast Guard has released footage of a man and his dog being rescued after the pair spent days stranded at sea off the coast of Florida.

Coast Guard officials say that they received a radio report from the man saying that his boat, the Southern Belle, was disabled and had been drifting since Wednesday.

The pair were found 69 miles west of Hudson, Florida, and the man told rescuers he had food and water on board during his ordeal.

The man and his canine companion fled to the dinghy after the yacht caught fire. Credit: US Coast Guard

The unidentified man and his doggy sailing partner abandoned ship when the 30-foot yacht caught fire on Friday afternoon.

They took shelter aboard the vessel's sailing dinghy and were picked up by a coastguard search and rescue helicopter shortly after.

The Coast Guard's Erick Leib told NBC News affiliate WFLA: