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Marks and Spencer face backlash after making elderly couple pay for extra teabag

M&S faced an angry response after the couple's daughter shared their experience. Credit: PA Wire

Marks and Spencer is facing a backlash after making an elderly couple pay for an extra teabag when they complained their tea was too weak.

The couple, aged 78 and 80, requested an extra teabag at the Blancharstown Centre M&S branch, near Dublin after finding the first pot "very weak".

But they were told that they would have to pay £2.50 for another pot of tea if they wanted an extra teabag.

Their daughter Marie said the company should be "ashamed" for such "disgusting customer service and treatment of the elderly".

Her Facebook rant has attracted over 10,000 likes and been shared 1,700 times since Friday.

Marie's angry post has been shared thousands of times. Credit: Facebook

M&S explained that it was a company policy, adding that it would pass on the feedback to the cafe.

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Marie's post seemed to resonate with people, as nearly 1,000 angry comments were posted on the thread.

"Shame on you", many people wrote.

Another said it was the "most ridiculous policy" she had ever heard, vowing never to shop at the store again.

The post has attracted nearly 1,000 comments. Credit: Facebook
Many expressed their outrage at the couple's treatment. Credit: Facebook

As the comments continued to increase, M&S asked Marie for her parent's contact details.

ITV News has contacted Marie for further comment.

A Marks and Spencer spokesperson told ITV News that its cafes normally serve one tea bag in a single pot of tea and this is left in the pot, allowing the customer to brew to their liking.

“We are aware of the complaint and we have been in touch with the customer directly,” a spokesperson added.

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