PM's counter-extremism plan 'may have opposite effect'

The PM's plans may not be enough to stop people joining the so-called Islamic State, some have warned

Muslim leaders and police chiefs have today expressed scepticism about a new counter-extremism plan unveiled by Prime Minister David Cameron - and warned they may actually make the situation worse.

Announcing his five-year plan today, Mr Cameron called radicalisation "the struggle of our generation", saying it is no longer a matter of secret terror cells, it is something directly affecting ordinary families and communities across the country.

There is nowhere that more demonstrates this than the town of Luton, from where a family of 12 recently travelled to Syria to join the so-called Islamic State.

But not everyone in the town is convinced by the proposals.

ITV News UK editor Rohit Kachroo reports:

More than a tenth of people in Luton are Muslim - and, responding to the Prime Minister's latest plan to tackle the problem of extremism, some today told ITV News they were sceptical about the proposals.

Muslims in Luton have expressed scepticism Credit: ITV News

The police commissioner for the region has also expressed concern that the attempts, if handled badly, might actually end up making the situation worse, by alienating affected communities.

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